Most likely the reason you are a health practitioner offering your services to your clients is because you have a sense and desire to serve to improve health outcomes for your client. Fundamental to you being able to provide such a service is having a client who is receptive to your service. Figures released from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) today showed that 663,000 Australians were unable to cope with the cost of visiting a non-bulk billing GP in the 2016/17 financial year. A further 538,000 were unable to afford an appointment with a specialist, while another 274,000 didn't get a pathology test or diagnostic imaging for the same reason. Precise data regarding Extras health is not available.   Some if not most of your clients are concerned about costs and affordability which may lead them to choose the lowest cost options which has the potential to make things worse in the long run, this despite the fact that you are more than capable of delivering far superior treatment options.

XHP offers a totally different model of funding health care needs of your clients by enabling your client to accumulate unused contributions year on year.  Your own data would probably suggest that if cost was not a concern for your client, they are more than likely to choose the optimal outcomes for themselves. Promoting good health and wellness for your clients in the long run. From a members perspective this could help in controlling cost for them and as for you serve your purpose as a healer.

XHP welcomes you as a health provider for our members. Becoming a registered health provider does not cost a dime. The conditions that have to be met are as follows

  1. As a health practitioner be registered with AHPRA and provide proof of registration
  2. Your business is in Australia and has a ABN number - proof to be provided
  3. Hold adequate indemnity to cover your services - proof to be provided.
  4. Must have an Australian Bank account for the transfer of funds for services provided to our members.

Here are 15 reasons why XHP may be a good fit for you and your business

  1. Increase motivated patient numbers who have the ability to afford better quality care
  2. Online Booking system, that allow member to book appointment at their convenience even if your office is closed
  3. SMS for confirmations and communications
  4. Promoting Australian Business and Practitioners to our Members. Reinforcing high standards of care and regulations in Australia to enable our members choose you with confidence.
  5. Credentialing and checks which enable members to conduct their due diligence quickly and efficiently.
  6. Informed Financial Consent (IFC) which is a legally binding financial agreement accepted by members to pay for the service. Funds are held in lieu of the IFC to pay the services. Any Gap that the member has to pay for treatment is disclosed to you
  7. Decreasing administration costs by streamlining health invoice payments. All done online. No terminals required.
  8. Eliminate Debts or accounts payable with XHP members as funds are held in lieu.
  9. In the event a disputed invoice, XHP has process in place to resolve the matter within 45 days or refer the matter to External Dispute Mediator.
  10. Online Dashboard that itemised all income and expenses
  11. Ability to advertise to member network
  12. XHP service fee incurred only on completion of the service
  13. Free to join
  14. Platform customisable for single or multi location setup with built in security and access control
  15. Network partner directory that provides links to fellow practitioners.