Financial hardships combined with high cost of living may force your hand into making a decision that may not be in your favour

Ever rising costs of living combined with negligible wage growth has been creating a lot of stress in many households. Not many find favourable terms with their extras health cover provider either leaving them exposed to big out of pocket expenses or putting up with discomfort

Private Health Insurance Extras Cover (PHIe)

Suspension Limited with PHI

Suspending your policy is like putting it on hold. No contributions or premiums are payable during a period of suspension, but no claims will be paid for services or treatment provided within the suspension period either.

You can suspend your health cover for one of two reasons - if you are experiencing financial hardship or if you are travelling overseas for a period longer than 2 months. This means that you are exposed to out of pocket expenses or you may have to put up with the discomfort. Is this the reason why you signed up in the first place. The answer is a straightforward and simple NO

What's worse, is if you end up suspending for greater than 3 years and then you wish to take up private health extras cover, you may have to pay Life Time Loading

Xtras Health Plan Savings Scheme (XHP)

Suspension Limited with PHI

XHP is all about enabling health and saving money for our members. We are member driven and will go the extra mile for our members at times of hardship.

You can suspend your account for any reason. It may be that you are facing financial hardship or just want to pause your contributions for a little while. This is done online from your platform. A nominal fee will apply and after you have accepted the terms and conditions you can suspend all contributions or premiums.

Compared to PHI(e), you will still have access to your money for your extras health needs.

Once the storm has passed, a simple payment of contribution is all it takes to reactivate your account


If you cancel your account you will get a refund of 80% of your account balance on settlement of all outstanding invoices.

Information provided is General Information only. Your personal circumstances have not been considered and does not constitute financial, legal, accounting or tax advice. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Information used here is based on assumptions as above and as having occurred in the past, is not a future forecast. Account balance calculation is based on no spend for health with either PHI or XHP. The return for health insurance assumes no claim on a health insurance policy over the relevant period. No value has been attributed to holding a health insurance policy in the relevant period however it may be desirable to hold health insurance based on your personal circumstances.