Psychology is the study of the human mind and its wide-ranging functions and influences. Psychological research advances our understanding of human emotion, personality, intelligence, memory, perception, cognition, attention, and motivation, as well as the biological processes that drive these human functions and behaviours. In essence, psychology studies individuals and groups to better understand how people, communities and societies function and ways to help them thrive. It is not unusual for people to experience stress, sadness, conflict or grief from time to time and most people recover themselves. However sometimes professional help will help you to rebound a lot quicker and get back to being you. Mental health issues are on the rise and is being talked about more openly. Many programs such as R U OK? Are promoting public awareness of the problem that is affecting so many Australians. Beyond Blue has been raising public awareness and has a host of resources. There are no yearly limits that apply to you accessing funds in your account when you need help the most. You are only limited by your account balance.