Podiatrists are health care professionals who have been trained to prevent, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate abnormal conditions of the feet and lower limbs. ... They can also treat and alleviate day-to-day foot problems, including: toenail problems, such as thickened, fungal or ingrown toenails. corns and calluses. In health our feet and toes can be taken for granted and we do not pay much attention to them. According to health direct, our feet can do upto 128,000 km in a lifetime, come to think of it that's a lot of “k’s”. If you happen to be diabetic, you may need to pay more attention to your feet. Podiatrist are quite knowledgeable in this area and can help you maintain good health. Pain and discomfort of feet are right in their alley of expertise as well. When it come to your feet and or even issues like smelly feet, they are in the know  and can help.