Good vision is a blessing until you are confronted with poor vision, something a lot of people take for granted. Age and other factors can affect your eyesight which can often be prevented or early preventive actions be taken to slow down progressive degeneration of your sight. Consultations by Optometrists are covered by Medicare Australia for the assessment of your vision and prescription of optical appliances. Medicare does not provide assistance towards the cost of optical appliances and it is largely up to you as the individual to pay for the spectacles or contacts that you choose. Some of the common eye conditions that can be picked up are

  • ● Dry eyes: Seen more commonly in people who use digital devices
  • ● Pterygium: If you surf a lot or are exposed to UV light a lot you would know about it.
  • ● Cataracts: When eyes get clouded over obstructing good vision
  • ● Glaucoma: A more serious condition that can damage vision
  • ● Astigmatism: Trouble with focusing, easily corrected with spectacles
  • ● Then there are more serious conditions all of which the Optometrists can quickly and easily diagnose
Prescription glasses can set you back a few hundred dollars and a lot more if you need multifocal lenses. Extras health cover offered by private health insurance covers Optical services and often provide no gap optical aids with certain Optical stores that are aligned with them. Your choice of the frame is limited to what the stores offer and if you want something else, you will have to fork out money on your own. Similarly coatings on the lens may not be covered. You can use your funds in XHP to pay for optical appliances that you need and what you want without being limited to choice. In time as we develop our alliance with Optical Stores and Optometrists we will also offer the same level of costs of appliances as offered currently.You can also choose to use your funds at Optometrists who are not in alliance and still use the funds in your account to pay for the appliance. Use the fact sheet by Optometrists Australia as to what an optometrist can do