Xtras Health Plan Savings Scheme (ARSN:627 076 411) is a registered managed investment scheme, specifically designed to enable extras health needs and save our members money over time by challenging the current status quo. The scheme is operated by Xtras Health Plan Ltd as the responsible entity and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the scheme. Xtras Health Plan Ltd holds, Australian Financial Services licence number 500574 which enables it to provide general advice and hold funds in cash assets.

Xtras Health Plan Ltd (ABN 92 618 020 885) is an Australian owned and operated company based in Queensland. The mission of the company is to enable extras health and help people save money over time by rolling over unused balance year on year, generating interest income from funds rolled over and ongoing contributions and saving of health costs through agreements with health providers.

Managed investment schemes are also known as 'managed funds', 'pooled investments' or 'collective investments'. Generally, in a managed investment scheme, people contribute money to get an interest in the scheme and their money is pooled together with other investors and a 'responsible entity' operates the scheme. This is how Xtras Health Plan operates, when you become a member, your contributions are pooled together with that of other members to derive the maximum interest and is managed by Xtras Health Plan Ltd as the trustee for the scheme.

The scheme is governed by a constitution and has to be compliant with various financial regulations that apply as well as be audited on a regular basis by independent people who check to ensure the scheme is compliant with its licensing conditions. Lack of compliance in its operations has dire consequences and it is not in the interest of the Xtras Health Plan Ltd to do so. The Scheme is a member of Australian Financial Complaints Authority which provides its members access to an external and independent source for resolution of disputes if the member is not satisfied with internal process of the dispute.