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You do not need a plan for your extras health needs ...

UNTIL you do - where your unused money rolls over.

Now you can with XHP

Proof is in the facts, not statements.

Do you know, what you may be leaving on the table ?

Rollover and Save

A survey by Finder found that as much as $4.5 Billion is lost every year in unclaimed extras. 

What if, it could be saved INSTEAD. With XHP you can rollover and save year on year.

Compare XHP with Extras Health Insurance

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Not everything you come across is suitable for you. When it comes to your extras health needs, compare apples with apples.

 Just because extras health insurance has been around are you better off. 
Is it better and does it meet your needs?


I have been a member of XHP health savings scheme for a little while and have more to show for than nearly 15th years with a private health extras funds. Having the funds accumulate has meant that for my family, we have more available when we have the need, so no need to max out credit cards.
B Abraham
Mum and Homemaker
Retirement means that we now have more time on our hands to do what we want and when we want. The key to being a self funded retiree is to manage available funds. With XHP, our unused funds rollover every year and we are already seeing the benefits of funds accumulating. We don't lose with XHP.
R & G Whitfield
Self Funded Retiree
I am able to pay and save towards something that I need. Having tried to save has not really worked for me. Temptations are abundant and having access to funds, meant that I did not save as much as would have liked to. XHP for me is the perfect vehicle towards the health goals of my family.
N Bate
Working and Saving.

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